Our Mission.

Get Transition Right…

Veteran to veteran … peer to peer camaraderie and support before, during and after the  transition from military to civilian life.

GotYour6 launches in Alberta Fall 2018 and is an initiative of the Canadian Legacy Project (CLP) and includes:

Regular Peer Support Group Meetings
Monthly Drop in Group Meetings
Access to One to One Peer Supporters

For more information on joining a Peer Group, applying to be a Veteran Co-Facilitator or a Peer Supporter,
please contact or call 403.543.4670

Canada is home to 700,000 Veterans and their families and every year, another 5000 members and families join them. These individuals served their country and it is unacceptable that any of them should have to struggle to join the civilian way of life they just spent their military career defending – often at great risk and sacrifice.

GY6 is Veteran led, Veteran informed and Veteran supported integration into civilian life.
GY6  is provided as no cost to participants thanks to the generous support of CLP Donors and Sponsors

Stay Tuned for Updates…!